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"They have, in their midst, a real jewel on vocals - a lady who can really deliver on all fronts as a vocalist."

– Merv Osborne, Blues Matters Magazine, UK

Lisa Dunn has been around music all her life. Every genre, from Classical, Blues, R&B, Folk, Jazz, Pop and Rock, was played in the family home. Listening to records and reading the lyrics inside the album sleeves was one of her favourite activities growing up, as well as singing along to the 8-tracks played on long drives to the interior of BC.

Although singing among friends and family was a regular occurrence, public performance was not a consideration due to extreme shyness. It wasn’t until Lisa sang in a Philadelphia gospel choir during her 20s that she began to find her “voice.” Upon returning to Canada, Lisa joined Coastal Sound Music while pursuing her Bachelor of Education. It was with a smaller a cappella group in this choir that she sang her first lead solos with “You Can’t Hurry Love” by The Supremes and the Beatles hit, “The Long and Winding Road.

In early 2011, Lisa was invited to sit in at a few venues around town, including The Jazz Cellar.  Within the year, Lisa had made connections with some of the best musicians in the city and Hell’s Gate Blues Band was formed in the spring of 2012. From there, a 4-piece, multi-genre band – The Freakin’ Groovies – as well as Blue Mistral, a 4-piece acoustic band, were formed.

Lisa joined City Soul Choir in September of 2015, where she sang as both an alto and a soprano and soloed in a few performances, before leaving the choir in 2018.

As of 2019, Lisa has moved her focus to writing original music for the purpose of sync licencing. She continues to sing with her existing bands, The Freakin’ Groovies, The Lisa Dunn Band and her duo, Dunn Talking with Ray Roper (Stonebolt & The Ray Roper Project).  She also sings with other artists for charity gigs.

Lisa released her first CD in 2012, named Sweet FreedomThe album featured three of her originals: the title track, “Sweet Freedom,” “My Mama Always Warned Me” and “Waiting on a Man.”  This CD sold out and is no longer in circulation.

In July 2015, Lisa’s second CD, By Request, included a selection of songs that were heavily requested during Lisa’s live performances. The cover tunes on the album include some of Lisa’s favourite artists, such as Adele, Amy Winehouse, Eva Cassidy and Susan Tedeschi.  A remastered version was printed in early 2020 and has since sold out for a second time.

Hell’s Gate Blues Band released their second CD, Thin Line, in the spring of 2016. It features seven of Lisa’s originals and is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It is available on iTunes, Spotify as well as CD Baby.

Lisa is currently working on her EP, Family Album, and will be releasing on all major platforms later this year. It includes a collection of songs written as a legacy to her family. Simultaneously, she continues to create music across many genres with co-writers from around the globe. Her catalogue of music houses over 100 songs that are broadcast quality, one stop and available for TV and Film licensing.

Latest placements

How I Caught My Killer-“Hidden Wounds” -HULU network (Atomica Music)

Y&R-July 12, 2023 – “Your Touch” (Imaginary Friends Music Partners)

"You and I, we fight / But I know we're not meant to be alone / When I cry, it's you that I want to hold / We just need to remember."

Lisa Dunn
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